The best rainscreen system
in the world.

The Frontek extruded porcelain rainscreen system is more
cost effective, impervious to water, maintenance-free, and
customizable than any other panel, period.

The lowest water absorption on the market

Frontek panels are designed and engineered specifically for exterior facade. Our
expertise comes from specialization and focus on performance above all else. With an
astonishingly low 0.1% water absorption rate (compared to 0% of glass), it beats out all
other competition.

Now that’s what we call setting the bar for low-cost and no maintenance.

0.1% water absorption
water absorption

Standard Porcelain

water absorption


water absorption

Fiber Cement

water absorption

Low-density Limestone

The Frontek™ Rainscreen Extruded
Porcelain Siding System Strength
Maintenance Free
High resistance and durability
An all-weather material
Elimination of thermal bridges
- energy saving up to 35%
Lightweight and easy to install
Unlimited variety of
colors and textures
Remarkably easy
to Cut on site
Reduce thermal
Excellent Acoustic
Extruded Porcelain
Vs Traditional Materials
Feature Frontek Extruded Porcelain SWISSPEARL (fibercement) Faveton (terracotta) Alucobond Natural Stone Ceraclad (fibercement) GRC
AESTHETIC VERSATILITY Any design/texture is possible Glazed Traditional glazing Glazed Only one nature Limited designs Limited designs
BREAKING LOAD >6000 N 4199N 1510 N Depends on each piece Unknown  
WEIGHT 33kg/m2 15kg/m2 42kg/m2 8kg/m2 45-80kg/m2 27kg/m2 Up to 80kg/m2
WATER ABSORPTION < 0.1% > 6% 6% < 1% 2-10% 32% < 10.62%
EASE OF INSTALLATION * All panels are rectified * Connect with the Grooves, at the bottom and at the top. * Easy to cut on site. It's produced molded Caliber is required, cut not rectified Differences in reflection Requires perforations and very heavy Requires additional perforations Heavy equipment required
MAINTENANCE Very Low, almost none High High High High High
FIRE RESISTANCE A1 A2s1, d0 Bs1,d0 Bs1,d0 A1 Depends on the type of panels Depends on the type of panels
AVAILABILITY Five basic color in stock at all time in any size Limited Limited Limited Limited Limited Limited
The Proof is in the Details
An all-weather material

With excellent performance against the most demanding environmental conditions, Frontek’s resistance to different weather conditions is superior and steadfast.

Acoustic insulation

Providing excellent protection from sound, the Frontek System achieves acoustic improvements around 4dBA in the range of 1000 Hz where the human ear is most sensitive. In addition to protecting inhabitants against noise from the outside, sound leakage from the inside is also alleviated. And because there is a ventilation layer, the rainscreen system further increases noise barrier effect.

Exceeds all ICC Fire Resistance Requirements

Porcelain, a naturally non-combustible material, married with the Frontek open joint cladding system easily meets fire code requirements. Frontek is compliant with ASTM E119, NFPA 285, and ASTM E136.

Factory Rectified

All four sides of each panel are rectified before the panel leaves the factory production line. This process of “rectification” makes every panel edge extremely precise where no shrinkage or expansion occurs after installation. We achieve this by grinding each panel edge after firing; the attention to detail is immaculate.

Lightweight & Flexible

The Frontek complete system (panels & Plus structure) weighs only 6.55lb/sf. Panels come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and sizes ranging from 15.95 x 31.50 inches to 39.3 x 118 inches.

All facade panels can be adapted to any building’s peculiarity and its surroundings. Even cut, exposed areas such as kerf saw cuts, mitered corner joints, or open corners don’t need sealing or coating.

Low Water Absorption means Maintenance Free

The high density and extremely low water absorption rate of porcelain (an astonishing 0.1%!) means that dirt and graffiti do not stick to the panels. And, installed in our open joint cladding application, means that there is no efflorescence, no drips, and no stains. This gives you a truly weather-proof material that is, in our exclusive panel designs, beautiful and long-lasting with extremely low maintenance. Furthermore, the high-performance wall assembly will provide long-term protection against extreme weather conditions (and of course water infiltration).

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