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The Frontek revolutionary cladding system is double ventilated extruded porcelain. It’s ICC Certified and offers the best technical performance and aesthetic qualities in the world.


Frontek Facade System



Frontek Custom Colors



Front-Tek ARGOS Interior Panels



Expand the possibility of facade design with our outstanding XXL size extruded ceramic pieces that, at 1,000 x 3,000 mm, have unmatched beauty, lightness, and versatility.
Front-Tek XXL Products
Front-Tek Open Joint System


Frontek is an ICC certified complete extruded porcelain open-jointed rainscreen system.

The double ventilated facade panels are extruded porcelain in an optically flat honeycomb structure. It is a single source solution for the complete building envelope that meets or exceeds code requirements, utilizes a standard frame and connections, while giving design teams complete design flexibility.

The Frontek complete system (tiles & Plus structure) weigh only 6.55lb/sf. and come in a limitless variety of colors, designs and sizes ranging from 300 x 800 mm to 1000 x 3000 mm.


Front-Tek Superior Product
The system designed specifically for exterior façade, it stands out for its great strength, durability, and smooth installation. It’s extremely hard, lightweight, and long-lasting.
Superior Product
Front-Tek Elegant Design
Available in 80+ colors, the range of creativity is virtually limitless. Textures, sizes, and colors can be manufactured and customized on request.
Elegant Design
Front-Tek Low Water Absorption
An astonishingly low water absorption rate (only 0.1%) makes for a truly weather-resistant material and virtaully no maintenance.
Low Water Absorption
Front-Tek Resistance and Durability
Excellent sound protection, Frontek achieves acoustic improvements around 4dBA in the range of 1000 Hz, with the ventilation layer furthering the noise barrier effect.
Resistance & Durability

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